Salamureci Restaurant “Simplicity…the most important ingredient of our kitchen”

The best restaurant in Trapani where you can taste our tradition

Salamureci is among the best restaurants to eat in Trapani thanks to the wide offer of traditional dishes

In addition to the inside space of the restaurant, it has an attractive cloister which is perfect for outdoor lunches and dinners.

Appreciated by tourists who want to know the flavors of Sicily, the restaurant Salamureci is also popular by locals looking for a quiet and refined location where to taste delicious dishes based on fresh fish.

The restaurant offers a 10% discount for guests staying at the guest house.

Our Menu

“Welcome to the Ancient Trapani…”

Dear Guest, it is a great pleasure for us to welcome you and to offer you our “Cuisine”, an expression of the quality of our territory and of our concept of “Hospitality”.

A concept that you can continue to discover using the elegant and comfortable rooms as well as the garden of our structure…

Thank you

Michele Bellezza

The menu of Salamureci, rich and genuine, makes it one of the best restaurants in Trapani as it reflects the typical culinary tradition adding a touch of modernity and creativity.
Attentive to the raw materials and the quality of the fish, always fresh, the dishes offered will satisfy even the most demanding palates. In addition to the excellent fish and ground courses, Michele Bellezza, Chef of Salamureci, offers the real Sicilian Cous Cous in various versions and condiments.
At the restaurant you can also request Gluten Free or in compliance with special dietary needs. The menu also includes vegetarian dishes.
The dishes created by Chef Patron Michele Bellezza are seasoned and cooked with Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Intenso and Delicato varieties of the "Terre di Shemir Farm".

In preparing our dishes the chef exclusively uses:

  • Sea Salt of Trapani I.G.P.
  • Red Nubian Garlic
  • Cheese from Belice
  • Capers of Pantelleria
  • Pistachios from Bronte
  • Avola almonds
  • Leonforte beans

Chef Michele Bellezza

Chef Michele Bellezza

Entry Dishes

    First dishes

      Second dishes

        Side Dishes

        • Mixed salad
          Iceberg lettuce, radicchio, cherry tomatoes
          4,00 €
        • Mediterranean salad
          Onion, Olives, Potatoes, Oregano, Tomatoes, Capers
          5,00 €
        • Baked potatoes
          3,00 €
        • Parsley potatoes
          3,00 €
        • Grilled vegetables
          Aubergines, courgettes, radicchio
          4,00 €
        • French fries*
          3,00 €


        • Sicilian Cassata with ricotta cheese
          5,00 €
        • Chocolate semifreddo
          Crunchy chocolate, Bavarian hazelnut, Bavarian dark chocolate and sponge cake with cocoa, chocolate glaze
          5,00 €
        • Ricotta chees cannolo
          3,00 €
        • Avola Almond parfait
          4,00 €
        • Bronte Pistachios parfait
          5,00 €
        • Lemon sorbet
          3,00 €
        • Sgroppino (Lemon Sorbet with Vodka)
          4,00 €


        • Seasonal fruit
          3,00 €


        • Natural Water, Sparkling Water, Ferrarelle
          glass bottle cl 75
          2,00 €
        • Panna Water
          3,00 €
        • San Pellegrino Water
          3,00 €
        • Coca Cola
          glass bottle 1 l
          4,00 €
        • Coca Cola/Coca zero or light
          glass bottle 33 cl
          2,00 €
        • Fanta, Sprite
          glass bottle 33cl
          2,00 €
        • Sicilian Moretti Beer
          glass bottle 50 cl
          5,00 €
        • Nastro Azzurro Beer 33 cl
          3,00 €
        • Nastro Azzurro Beer 66 cl
          4,00 €
        • Heineken Beer 33 cl
          3,00 €
        • Heineken Beer 66 cl
          5,00 €

        Coffee products and liquors

        • Espresso Coffee | Decaffeinated coffee | Macchiato Coffee | Double Coffee
          1,50 €
        • Coffee with Grappa or Sambuca Molinari
          2,50 €
        • Cappuccino | Hot milk | Milk with Coffee
          2,50 €
        • A selection of Teas
          2,00 €
        • Amari | Limoncello | Passito | Zibibbo | Marsala
          4,00 €

        White Wines

          Red Wines

            Tasting Menù

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